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2017-2018 All Star Tournament Information

Bowling in Cottage Grove

October 22nd: Doubles Swiss Tournament.
November 24th: Annual After Turkey Bowl.

December 17th: 5-Person Baker Tournament (team cap of 950). Fundraiser for youth programs at the Cottage Bowl. 

January 28th: Bowlers To Veterans Link Fundraiser Tournament. Any participating veterans will receive a discount on the entry fee.

February 25th: Annual Double Trouble Doubles Tournament.

March 25th: 9-Pin No Tap Tournament.

April 15th: Trio (Must included 1 woman)

May 20th: All-Star Championship. (Top 30 qualify)


With a maximum of 48 bowlers for any tournament, 48 points will be awarded for 1st place, 47 for 2nd, etc, and with the exception that 39th-48th place in any tournament, will all receive 10 points each. If you WIN the tournament, you will receive 5 bonus points for winning the tournament. You can also receive 1 bonus point for a high game (just like leading a lap) and 3 bonus points for high series (just like leading most laps). You will also be receiving 15 points automatically just for entering the tournament.


Bowlers will use their high book average for the 2016-17 season of 45 or more games for their first tournament. After their first tournament they will use the average between their book average and     tournament average. All others will use a 220. All handicap tournaments are 90% of 210.


To be one of the qualified top 30 bowlers in points for the finale tournament in May, you must bowl in at least 5 out of the 7 tournaments to qualify. We understand that sometimes, life happens and you may have to miss a tournament for reasons beyond your control and we will work with you to get you    qualified. Also, the bowler who leads in points going into the finale in May, will receive their  entry paid into that tournament, as well as a keepsake shirt/jacket commemorating your top points for the season.


***All tournaments start at 10:00am with the exclusion of the
Turkey Bowl which will start at 6:30pm. Entry fees for all tournaments will be $40 with $5 from each entry going to the All-Star Championship***